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Emergency Medical Services is a vital part of any community and we at EMS Training Center recognize how crucial it is to have competent emergency medical professionals, who can quickly recognize, assess, and manage any situation, whether it be minor or life threatening.
The EMS Training Center of Southern Nevada is looking forward to helping you achieve your goals of entering into one of the most exciting and rewarding professions.

We at EMS Training Center want to send all of our thoughts and prayers out to the victims, friends, and families affected by the October 1st mass shooting at the Route 91 music festival. The magnitude of this event is beyond comprehension. Clark County has opened the Family Assistance Center to aid not only victims and families, but anyone associated or affected by this tragedy. They will be coordinating the release of personal effects of concert goers as they retrieve them. This is a slow process as you can imagine with the thousands of items they are collecting. There will be more information posted on the site below and press conferences. Click below to see the press release release.  #vegasstrong

10/6/2017 - Clark County Family Assistance Center for Victims of the of the Las Vegas Shooting