Vegas Strong Support Group

Greetings Las Vegas Country Family!

Las Vegas Route 91ers…please help us spread the word to victims or friends and family of victims who live in Las Vegas and all surrounding areas and anywhere else within reach.

We are holding our first Vegas Strong Support Meet and Greet. This will be the first of weekly, Wednesday meetings and social gatherings to connect with other people who were there, maybe even standing next to you while everything went down.

Our meetings are open to ALL and EVERYONE who attended Route 91 (and loved ones) regardless of where you live currently. Remember, when it happened to someone you cared about, it happened to you.

What to expect:
Time to ask questions about trauma, treatment, share difficulties you’ve been experiencing, or anything else. Information about the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center, professional treatment, clinical group sessions etc.

When & Where:
Day: Wednesday’s
Location: Stoney’s Rockin Country
6611 S. Las Vegas Blvd #160 (Town Square, farthest SW corner, enter just north of Frye’s)
Time: 5:00 pm-7:00 pm (you can come anytime in that time frame)


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